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Pediatrics - Teething 

Babies may start getting teeth their first teeth at as early as six months old.  Some babies may experience discomfort as the teeth begin to come in and break through the gum.  Babies respond to teething and teething treatments differently.

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Each baby reacts to teething in a different way.  Your baby may become more fussy or irritable.  Your baby may have a difficult time sleeping because of pain.  Teething can cause excess drooling which may lead to a chin rash.  Your baby may lose his or her appetite.  Some babies may rub their cheeks or ears.

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Your dentist or doctor can determine if your baby is teething by the symptoms you describe and by examining your baby’s mouth.  Some symptoms such as cheek rubbing or ear pulling may be the sign of an ear infection.  Diarrhea, rashes, and a fever are not normal symptoms of teething and should be checked out by your baby’s doctor.

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All babies respond to teething treatments differently.  You may need to try several different methods to determine your baby’s preference.  Providing pressure to an erupting tooth can sometimes bring relief.  Massaging the area with your finger, a wet gauze pad, or a small cool spoon may help.  Your baby may find relief by chewing on a teething ring or a pacifier.  A dentist or pediatrician may recommend a numbing salve to apply to your baby’s gums.

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