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Pain Management

Dealing with pain on an everyday basis causes physical and mental stress. When you enlist the help of a pain management doctor, the pain you experience can be significantly reduced or eliminated. At United Medical in New Jersey, Dr. Marivi De Jesus specializes in chronic pain management. She can recommend the most effective ways to get your pain under control while working to resolve the underlying cause of your pain.

Some conditions that cause pain may never completely go away, so having a pain management plan in place is essential for maintaining a desirable quality of life. No one should have to live in pain, and Dr. De Jesus will help you get moving again.

Patients who participate in a pain management program tend to function better, sleep better, and enjoy life better. We can also help you regain function you may have lost due to an injury or illness.

Conditions that can cause chronic pain:

Diagnosis and Treatment of Pain

Diagnosing pain relies mostly on the patient’s description. Be sure to tell your doctor as much as you can about your pain – when and where it hurts, how often and how long it lasts, what it feels like, etc. Dr. De Jesus may use nerve conduction study to confirm a diagnosis and pinpoint the source of pain, including nerve pain and spinal pain.

There are several ways to treat pain that do not involve pain medications that can become addictive. The most common pain treatments are epidural steroid injections, facet injections, and nerve blocks. Steroid injections can be repeated when the anti-inflammatory medication wears off. With a selective nerve block, the doctor can use X-ray guidance to target the exact nerve responsible for sending pain messages to the brain. By blocking the nerve, the signal is shut off and your pain is immediately relieved.

If you have pain that persists for weeks or months without getting better, you should talk to your doctor about seeing a pain specialist. Dr. De Jesus at United Medical will be happy to see you in Clifton or Bayonne, New Jersey. Call today to make an appointment.