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Ophthalmology is the field of medicine that deals with eye disease and disorders. New Jersey ophthalmologist Dr. Mitchell Vogel provides medical and surgical treatment of the eye, including laser treatment for eye problems.

While we can meet your basic eye care needs, we also handle complex problems that your primary care physician doesn’t treat. Patients are referred to us when they have signs of glaucoma, cataracts, eye injury, tumors, and other serious vision problems.

Conditions an ophthalmologist can treat include:

Diagnosing conditions like glaucoma and cataracts requires special knowledge and equipment that only an eye doctor can provide. Dr. Vogel will look inside your eye and conduct a thorough evaluation before making a diagnosis. Only then can he recommend the right treatment. You may be able to avoid surgery with a less-invasive laser procedure or medication therapy, but your doctor can determine what is best for you.

For healthy eyes for years to come, look to ophthalmologist Dr. Vogel at United Medical. He sees patients at our Bayonne, New Jersey office. Call today to request your preferred ophthalmology appointment time.